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Dear [SonShip Radio],  Somehow I do experience those AHA moments now; since I listen daily to SonShipRadio it occurs to me that it speaks to me quite differently than the “Blue Book”.But I couldn’t formulate this in an exact way. But so much: To me it is about what “touches” me the most: Relationships.And in those is my seeming separateness revealed in the clearest way. At least, so it is for me. Then there are the relationships with animals and with those “1000 things”, etc.

Does that sound confused?

I am very grateful that the SonShip.Radio exists in German.

That doesn’t mean the “Blue Book” is wrong.

But when Jesus talks to me even clearer, I am very happy!

Kind regards,




Subject: Wegen Urversion

> Lieber Martin, irgendwie habe ich jetzt so einen Aha – Effekt, ich höre ja

> täglich das Sonship Radio und ich merke einfach, dass es mich ganz anders

> anspricht, wie das “Blaue Buch”.

> Ich könnte es aber nicht genau in Worte fassen.

> Soviel: es geht für mich um das, was mich als Mensch am meisten “berührt”:

> Beziehungen. Und in denen offenbart sich meine scheinbare Getrenntheit am

> deutlichsten. Jedenfalls ist es bei mir so. Dann kommen die Beziehungen zu

> den Tieren hinzu und zu den “1000 Dingen” usw.

> Klingt das jetzt sehr verworren?

> Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass es das sonship Radio auf deutsch gibt.

> Deswegen ist ja das Blaue Buch nicht falsch.

> Aber wenn Jesus zu mir so noch mal klarer spricht, bin ich sehr sehr froh!

> Lieben Gruß

> Michaela

*SonShip Radio is providing the German [original] edition of both the Text and the Lessons. http://www.acimradio.net/SSP/EKIW_OE_Hoerbuch.htm

German Translation of ACIM oe has begun!

      UTUR Unified Transcription Ur Record of The Course

    Welcome to our preview of the first German UTUR Translation of the Ur-Compendium as deposited at the ARE Library March 10th, 1976

    Ur-Compendium co-created by the Author with Dr William Thetford & Dr Helen Schucmann;

    Translation: SonShip.Radio 2010  Formerly published derivatives: ie. “HLC” “JCIM”, “OE”, “Sparkly”

    Adobe PDF of Fhe first 2 Chapters of the GERMAN translation Ur-Compendium please click here. (Step1).

    Translation: Martin Weber-Caspers; Proofreading: Dr W Künsting

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