Poetry ~ Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles

The  Risen Sun

By Helen Schucman*

[as it appeared in the December 2011 Newsletter]


Helen Schucman ~ Scribe of A Course in Miracles

Be still, my soul, and rest upon the Lord
In quiet certainty. For He has come
To rescue you from doubt. And now you stand
In blazing glory of a risen sun
That cannot set. It will forever be
Exactly as it is. You stand with Him
Within a radiance prepared for you
Before time was and far beyond its reach.
Be still and know. And knowing, be you sure
Your Lord has come to you. There is no doubt
That stands before His countenance, nor can
Conceal from you what He would have you see.
The sun has risen. He has come at last.
Where stands his Presence there can be no past.
Be still, my soul, and rest upon the Lord
Who comes to keep the promise of His Word
~FEBRUARY 11, 1974

by Martin Weber-Caspers [maz]

Maz SINGS Helen’s poem beautifully, and sets it to his MUSIC.

CLICK above and choose “The Risen Sun”

*Maz is currently the voice for the Original Edition [OE] of A Course In Miracles, produced by SonShipRadio. Maz serves the OE so that it can be shared globally; and as chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support co-creativity on a broader scale.

More MUSIC from MAZ

*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet who took down several poems even while she was scribing A Course in Miracles. This poem “The Comforter” was dated January 1, 1974 and is located among many of her other poems in a book titled, “The Gifts of God” published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP and also through the Community Miracle Center CMC.

Where the Dolphins by J. Michaels

Where the Dolphins Dwell

By J. Michaels*

[as it appeared in the November 2011 Newsletter]


I’m a tiny drop of water

Longing for its home

Fallen from the sky

From whence I once did roam

I’m heading for the river

To join its urgent flow

To let it gently take me

Back to my ocean home

There to join my fellow

Drops of water fell

Together, indistinguishable

To hear the Wholeness tell

That here is our home

It’s where the dolphins dwell

Copyright 2011 J. Michaels
from his book “Soul Transformed”

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet
Blog: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theovernightpoet/

Disappearing Truthe ~ Chris F Minshew

Disappearing Truthe
By Chris F Minshew*

[as it appeared in the October 2011 Newsletter]


Wantingly, wearily, they begin to see
The writing on the wall confirms you and me.

We all tried to tell them, but to no avail
This isn’t heaven, it’s literally hell.

Forget what we told you, believe it or not
The truth behind hell is neither cold nor hot.

Living it is the only way you will see
Nothing here exists, not even you or me…


**Chris F. Minshew has led anything but a “normal” life. His list of prior occupations ranges from Bail Bondsman to Golf Club Executive to Walt Disney World employee! For the past 20+ years (as well as in past lives) he has been a musician and a poet (150+ poems & counting). In the past couple of years he has begun putting some of the poems to music under the band name “Punchweasel” (www.punchweasel.com). On more than one occasion, when asked how he has been able to write so many poems/songs, Chris has been overheard saying, “I don’t write them, I just write them down…” (Most of the time, the poems are dictated from a “Source.”) Along with his wife Summer (Punchweasel’s vocalist), Chris is working towards using his music for healing purposes (as instructed by his “Source”). Chris and Summer reside in Carthage, MS and have been studying ACIM for the past few years.


Nothing but Oneness by J.Michaels


Nothing but Oneness

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the September 2011 Newsletter]



I have found my home
It is not here or there
But everywhere
Not with this person or that
With every man, woman, and child
With the living thing
That runs through all living things
Well-cozied in eternity
The universe my home
Wrapped in the arms of my Father
Warmed by Heaven’s glow
Surrounded on every side
By love’s gentle heart
Nothing but oneness
And never apart.

Copyright 2009 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet
Website: www.jmichaelsbooks.biz
Blog: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theovernightpoet/


*J. Michaels is a longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit.
He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoundly influenced by ACIM, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella Treasure of the Mind. [reviewed here] J Michael’s work may be seen on his blog at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theovernightpoet/

Poetry ~ Helen Schucman


The Comforter
By Helen Schucman*

[as it appeared in the  August 2011 Newsletter] 

Step back, My child, and let Him lead the way
Whom I have sent to you. He holds your hand
And speaks to you of Me. His memory
Holds in your mind My Name. His peace surrounds
My child with all the love a Father feels
For what He cherishes above all else
In earth and Heaven. Whom I sent to you
Has shared My Heart and brings My Word with Him
To solace and to comfort all the world
That has forgot My Name. Homeless are they
Who would abide alone, apart from Me.
Yet would I call them home. My Voice I send
To sing in soundless places. Hear from Me
The song a Father sings to you, His child;
A melody from far beyond he world,
Step back and listen, for He comes to bless
And tell you that you are not comfortless
.The summer’s stillness of arresting heat;

– by Helen Schucman


*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet who took
down several poems even while she was scribing A Course in Miracles. This poem “The Comforter” was dated January 1, 1974 and is located among many of her other poems in a book titled, “The Gifts of God” published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP and also through the Community Miracle Center CMC.


Summer’s Daydream ~ Marc R Boulais

Summer’s Daydream
By Marc R. Boulais*

[as it appeared in the July 2011 Newsletter] 

Artist ~ Suzette Boulais

The summer’s stillness of arresting heat;

That makes you lie down in lush green pastures

To marvel at the passing menagerie of heaven’s clouds

Bringing perfect peace and no distractive sounds.

May you daydream of Vikings with horned helmets,

Pirate ships and floppy capped elves; Puffy dragons

Passing overhead in a lazy afternoon parade led

By the bearded lady of the circus; gives rise to

Long lost imagination and contemplative delight.

A cacophony of crickets, cicadas and mosquitoes

Kamikazes with their buzz of surprise attack

On vulnerable arms and legs. And the fourth of

July lightning bug daredevil pilots with their

Pulsating beauty and aerial dogfights

In flashing blazes of glory.

Add the mystery of a sudden summer evening

Display of blood-chilling thunder and fireworks

Of Greek gods of mythology hurling their

Thunderbolts of lightning across the agitated night sky.

The tears of God’s falling rain soften the earth

In a rejuvenation of hope that each living plant or

Person becomes a personification

Of His non-judgmental Love.

May your thirst for God be as single-minded

As the spawning salmon who overcomes any

Obstacle of opposing currents and fearlessly

Jumps the rapids of self-comfort, self-concern,

Self-preservation and self-reliance with a

Goal-oriented determination to escape the

Life-destroying clutches of the grizzly bear of self-pity.

Where is your path, O’ Lord that I may walk with you

And forever dwell in your heart’s arms?

“Walk in the path of delight, my Child, and dance for joy.”

– by Marc R. Boulais


* Marc R. Boulais is a serious student of Life who is committed to learning, living and practicing universal life truths. Having been raised Roman Catholic, it is clear that his short story Deep Waters includes imagery and references that reflect his strong Christian background. But Marc is also a student of other disciplines. He studies A Course in Miracles, the works of Joseph Campbell, the teachings of native American Indian Fools Crow, as well as the poetic writings of Rumi and Lao-Tzu, to name a few. According to Marc, all spokes of the wheel lead to the center and that center is God.

Painting Artist: Suzette Boulais is a student of Course In Miracles and co-facilitates a Sunday morning Course in Miracles class in Peoria, Illinois. More of Suzette’s artwork can be found on her website at http://www.suzetteboulais.com/

Will to Mind by J.Michaels

Will to Mind
By J. Michaels*
[As it appears in the May 2011 Newsletter] 

It breaches the intellectual

Exceeds beyond time and space

Entering realms incomprehensible

Looking angels in the face

Communicating without words

Thought not required at all

Knowledge shared through being

In love that heard our call

So much more than expected

More than can be known

By minds locked in separatioin

Restraining the holy flow

Treasures beyond imagination

Await in mindful prayer

For the one pure moment

When Sons of God declare

Dissatisfaction with the normal

and will to Mind most fair

From Odd Duck J. Michaels Copyright 2011


J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet
Blog: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theovernightpoet/