Scribing by Sun~Rose Guidance on Love

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

[As seen in the November 2011 Newsletter]



JESUS: I want to talk briefly on what happens when You deny Your love to everyone.  Now what I am meaning here is not that You aren’t loving anyone, but that You are not loving Every One


Why am I saying that?  You know I can hear Your thinking!  You’re wondering how anyone could Love Every One.  You know, all those unlovable people, peopling the earth.  Who could Love any of them, much less all of them?  Does the Course really say that?  Isn’t it about turning a special relationship into a Holy Relationship?


Well, let’s look at Love.  Love is what God is.  God doesn’t have Love.  God is Love.  God is Living Love, for Love is not a static thing, but ever-living, ever-growing, resting on and blessing the entire Universe. 


Take a moment here, to picture Your Love – Your eternal Gift from God – flowing from You like a easy, even breath, embracing gently all Ideas It meets.  They know not what It is that loosens all their cares, binds up their broken heart, lessens relentless fear.  They just know, inexplicably, that They feel much better.


Like the bird with broken wing of which I’ve spoken, that begins to sing again and finds its wing unbroken- like to that bird are those touched by Your gentle breath of Love, that feels so comforting to them as it feeds a hunger they didn’t know they had.


Would You not Love like this, so indiscriminately, so recklessly, so joyously!  And as You learn to do this for those unseen and unknown to You, then can You begin to practice with those closer to You. 


This is the Love that You really are.  The Love that You are to give Your Brother indiscriminately.  And in the measure that the Holy Spirit tells You that Your Brother needs it.  For The Holy Spirit is gladly Guiding You in this wonderful endeavor.


You have thought before that Love was give-and-take, one hand washing the other.  Something that would get You something.  That isn’t Love.  Love is Something that You give, Guided by My words: Freely You have received, freely give.  My words from 2000 years ago


And I do mean freely, with no strings attached.  Let loving become as natural and as easy to You as Your breathing.  And as Your Love grows, embracing All, just so, Your Joy grows.  And there is no limit to its breadth and depth and height, for Love brings You Infinity and happiness right where You are.


[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book, “YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE” She is also author of, “RADIANT LIFE: RAW FOOD AND THE PRESENCE OF LOVE”

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Alisa Amor ~ Music

Music of Alisa Amor 


[as it appeared in the November 2011 Newsletter ]

Hi, My name is Alisa Amor. I am a singer/songerwriter with a deep interest in healing and matters of the heart. I just finished my new CD, Comfort, when there can be no comfort!

I’ve been working on this for a long time now and I’m so happy to be able to present this to you!
Since it’s sooooo important to me that everyone have my music no matter what their situation, I have decided to offer it by donation.

My last project was a set of musical mediations based on lessons from “A Course in Miracles”, some of my favorite spirtual writings.

I live in Westchester County, NY, about 30 miles north of Manhattan. I am available to perform throughout the NYC area; contact me for details.

~ Alisa Amor


click picture for more CD information

This album is composed of musical settings of lessons from the workbook of A Course in Miracles. The lessons are unchanged except for adding small repetitions. This album is a lively and hip introduction to “A Course in Miracles” If you are a new student, it will help you understand and integrate the material by making it accessible and fun. If you’re a veteran of the Course, this enjoyable music provides new perspectives on the lessons and emotional experiences that are conducive to love, joy, peace, and power. It also comes in handy when you don’t have enough time to do your workbook lesson!

In Every Heartbeat, Lessons from A Course in Miracles

1 God in His mercy wills that I be saved (Lesson 235)
2 I rule my mind which I alone must rule (Lesson 236)
3 Now would I be as God created me (Lesson 237)
4 On my decision all salvation rests (Lesson 238)
5 This holy instant is salvation come (Lesson 241)
6 Without forgiveness I will still be blind (Lesson 247)
7 I am in need of nothing but the truth (Lesson 251)
8 My self is ruler of the universe (Lesson 235)
9 My heart is beating in the peace of God (Lesson 267)
10 Let all things be exactly as they are (Lesson 268)
11 Only an instant does this world endure (Lesson 300)



(1) Musical setting of a Lesson from the A Course in Miracles workbook

“Without forgiveness I will still be blind”

Sin is the symbol of attack. Behold it anywhere, and I will suffer. For forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ’s vision comes to me. Let me accept what His sight shows me as the simple truth, and I am healed completely. Brother, come and let me look on you. Your loveliness reflects my own. Your sinlessness is mine. You stand forgiven, and I stand with you.

So would I look on everyone today. My brothers are Your Sons. Your Fatherhood created them, and gave them all to me as part of You, and my own Self as well. Today I honor You through them, and thus I hope this day to recognize my Self.

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(2) Musical setting of a Lesson from the A Course in Miracles workbook.

On my decision all salvation rests.”

Father, Your trust in me has been so great, I must be worthy. You created me, and know me as I am. And yet You placed Your Son’s salvation in my hands, and let it rest on my decision. I must be beloved of You indeed. And I must be steadfast in holiness as well, that You would give Your Son to me in certainty that he is safe Who still is part of You, and yet is mine, because He is my Self.

And so, again today, we pause to think how much our Father loves us. And how dear His Son, created by His Love, remains to Him Whose Love is made complete in him.

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This album is about my search to find comfort in a world that often seems horribly un-comfortable. I want to take you on a healing journey through the terrain of a soul in difficult times. Through inner and outer deserts, oceans and forests. I’m hoping that you will feel that you have a friend and experience a small taste of comfort…..when there can be no comfort.–Alisa Amor

Comfort, when there can be no comfort

1 Intro
2 Explain
3 Child of the desert
4 Sick and Tired
6 This child
7 The mill
8 Star Dive
9 Fear
10 Legend
11 Comfort, when there can be no comfort



(1)”Child of the Desert” from Alisa Amor’s “Comfort, When There Can Be No Comfort”

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This album is about my search to find comfort in a world that often seems horribly un-comfortable. I want to take you on a healing journey through the terrain of a soul in difficult times. Through inner and outer deserts, oceans and forests. I’m hoping that you will feel that you have a friend and experience a small taste of comfort…..when there can be no comfort.–Alisa Amor


(2) Hypnotic music perfect to fall asleep to. “Sweet sleep” by Alisa Amor

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This new age track was engineered to guide you gently from an awake state to a deep state of healing sleep.


*EXCERPT FROM WEBSITE: Alisa Amor has been writing, singing music and poetry, and creating stories about how the universe began as long as she can remember. As a child, her audiences were often forests and lakes. A desire to learn music composition took her to Oberlin College, then a desire for something completely different took her to PuertoVallarta, Mexico. There she spent 15 years, living in the city and later a jungle home, working as a landscape artist and muralist, and playing music in bars and around campfires. Wanting to reconnect with her roots, she headed back to her birthplace in New York’s Westchester county where she now lives and creates.

Her new album “Comfort, when there can be no comfort” represents and presents metaphorically inner tools that came out of a long series of health challenges. She is one of the few people who have had PET, a rare ear disease and overcome it completely. During and after years of limited speaking and hearing, she has composed, performed and produced this album. She hopes it will be useful to others who feel like there can be no comfort or cure for them. It is about a long journey out of despair to being more fully human and resourceful. It captures the depths and heights, the deep doubts and the gentle knowing of that process.

Lately her interests have turned to hypnosis for healing and recreation and her songs are beginning to reflect that in new exploratory ways.

Her study of “A Course in Miracles” over the past 10 years has led her to set the lessons to music so that they can be easily assimilated, memorized and enjoyed. She continues to write original poetry and music both in Spanish and in English.”


GAFF ~ Thoughts of a Fisherman

GAFF: Let All Things Be

Thoughts of an Old Fisherman
by Lorena R. Peter, Ph.D.*


[as it appeared in the November 2011 Newsletter]

Priscilla’s voice came to Gaff from the land side of the beach. “Hallo! Another fabulous day in paradise!”

Gaff grinned, but he waited for Priscilla to reach him before responding, “That it is. That it is.” His eyes searched the water and the sky.

Priscilla’s eyes followed his gaze to the fluffy clouds scudding across the blue field of the sky. Background music was provided by crashing waves and gulls calling. Her voice was colored with awe, “I love this place.”

Gaff only nodded his agreement. He turned to see the black book in Priscilla’s hands. “Doing more of those lessons?”

It was her turn to nod. “I got a bit behind, but this one seems to summarize it all for me right now. ‘Let all things be exactly as they are.’”

Again he nodded and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving to Mother Water.

Priscilla sat on his cooler, resting the book in her lap. “I was heading to Sally’s when I got the urge to come visit you… You’ve heard me complain about all the things in my life that haven’t gone the way I hoped. Difficulty getting published. The loves that ended before I was ready for them to. Bobby said that you two talked about how we were turned away from visiting the Indian sacred grounds when we went to the reservation.”

Gaff nodded, remembering.

She laughed. “I’ve been reading that we learn from the problems as much or more than from the successes, from the relationships that cause us pain as much as from the happy ones. And then this lesson tells me that everything is exactly as it was planned… and that I shouldn’t try to change them. I get from it that the lessons are there just where they need to be and just the way they need to be.”

Again a nod. Then Gaff spied the tip of his rod jiggling up a storm—a fish on the hook. He pushed himself out of his chair to tend his rods. Priscilla followed.


“If I’d married Evan, I wouldn’t have come here alone and I wouldn’t have met you… or Bobby. At the time, I didn’t think that anyone could be better than Evan, but I know that Bobby is perfect for me.”            “We get plenty of proof that the Source knows more than we do.” He fought the fish to reel in his hook. It was a big one throwing itself all over the sand trying to beat its way back to the water. That’s the way it happens most times: fighting the deviation from our plans.

Priscilla gave a thumbs up to show her appreciation of the fish. “I’ve been saying that things are in divine order and hear you say it, but only when I read this lesson did it really hit me. I mean, I suddenly saw the whole picture for the first time. By seeing that everything is perfect just as it is, I realize that I waste time and energy trying to force things to change.”

Gaff put the fish in his cooler and took out more bait. “If you do manage to change the way things are going, you might even muck it up.”

Priscilla grinned. “The friends who have come and gone in my life. The romances…”

Even that annoying woman whose hobby is yelling at her family and anyone else close enough to hear. And the Ugly American tourist who disrupts the peace in order to get his own way.”

Priscilla suddenly turned to walk toward Sally’s house and called over her shoulder, “Every one of these things serves to make us better if we allow ourselves to benefit from the lesson in them.”

“It’s all in the way you see them, isn’t it?”

Priscilla’s “Oh, yes!” drifted to Gaff on the wind.

Oh, yes.


*Lorena Peter, Ph.D., writes entertaining mysteries, romances and wisdom books.
All have strong spiritual underpinnings and paranormal elements. She blends aGaff By the Sea medical intuition and healing practice (and travel) with her writing. For more information go to WWW.LORENAPETER.COM. You may contact her on Facebook. For her understanding of the Course, she thanks Carmen Cameron and the class in Louisville, KY.

Where the Dolphins by J. Michaels

Where the Dolphins Dwell

By J. Michaels*

[as it appeared in the November 2011 Newsletter]


I’m a tiny drop of water

Longing for its home

Fallen from the sky

From whence I once did roam

I’m heading for the river

To join its urgent flow

To let it gently take me

Back to my ocean home

There to join my fellow

Drops of water fell

Together, indistinguishable

To hear the Wholeness tell

That here is our home

It’s where the dolphins dwell

Copyright 2011 J. Michaels
from his book “Soul Transformed”

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Donald James Giacobbe ~ The Purpose of Unifying the Mind

The Purpose of Unifying the Mind

by Donald James Giacobbe*

[as it appeared in the November 2011 Newsletter]


This article about unifying the mind is  an excerpt from the book
Christian Meditation Inspired by Yoga and “A Course in Miracles”:
Opening to Divine Love in Contemplation.


  My approach to spirituality before studying the Course was a blending of yoga and seeking Christ within, which included a heavy emphasis on practicing meditation. Yoga means “union.” I thought meditation was my best means of joining with the Holy Spirit to bring about unification. But what does the Course say about joining with the Holy Spirit?

            Joining with Him in seeing is the way in which you learn to share with Him the interpretation of perception that leads to knowledge. You cannot see alone. Sharing perception with Him Whom God has given you teaches you how to recognize what you see. It is the recognition that nothing you see means anything alone. Seeing with Him will show you that all meaning, including yours, comes not from double vision, but from the gentle fusing of everything into one meaning, one emotion and one purpose. God has one purpose which He shares with you. The single vision which the Holy Spirit offers you will bring this oneness to your mind with clarity and brightness so intense you could not wish, for all the world, not to accept what God would have you have. Behold your will, accepting it as His, with all His Love as yours. All honor to you through Him, and through Him unto God.[1]

          Yes, union with the Holy Spirit happens in meditation, but prior to studying the Course, I did not appreciate the value of perception and did not know how to best use it for my spiritual growth. I know that in meditation I could reduced my scattered perceptions by focusing on one perception. Also, I knew that I could let go of even that single perception and enter the restful state of contemplation. But I thought that the limit to perception was its unification into one perception during meditation, and I was convinced that the best use of perception was to let go of it altogether. It did not occur to me that what I had learned about perception in meditation could be generalized into my daily life. I thought that my outer experience of the world was so filled with scattered perceptions that I could not possibly unify them as I could in meditation. Yet from the Course, I would learn how to focus on what the quotation above describes as the “one meaning, one emotion, one purpose,” which is the one purpose God shares with me. It is the purpose of oneness itself, which in a practical sense means the unification of perceptions that seem to be separate. The oneness of my meaning, emotion, and purpose, and, indeed my oneness with God Himself, is in my mind now. I realized that to find the oneness in my mind, I needed to learn how to unify my thought system, meaning to unify what appeared to be totally disorganized perceptions.


            When I first started to read the Course, I learned about many ways of using perceptions to grow spiritually. Here is a list of some specific Course recommendations for changing perceptions:


From self-will to God’s Will

From illusions of the past to the awareness of now

From private thoughts to thinking with the Holy Spirit

From perceiving separation to perceiving oneness

From unloving perceptions to loving perceptions

From illusions of nightmares to happy dreams

From projecting guilt to accepting innocence

From holding grievances to giving forgiveness

From attack thoughts to miracles

From illusions of special love to extending love to everyone

From mistakes to corrected perception

From seeing with the body’s eyes to seeing with Christ’s eyes


           It seems at first glance that all these approaches to changing perceptions are different, but they have the common element of unifying perceptions by directing new perceptions toward the one goal of God. Because my background was in Christian yoga, I decided to use the term “Miracle Yoga” to describe my understanding of the Course. The goal of the Course is to unify perceptions. The five aspects of Miracle Yoga emphasize a single approach to unifying perceptions. Miracle Raja Yoga arrives at the unification of perception by focusing inwardly in meditation on one thought, which has already been emphasized. Miracle Bhakti Yoga brings about the unification of perception by centering on one emotion, which is love. Miracle Karma Yoga relies on maintaining one function to accomplish the unification of perception. Miracle Relationship Yoga produces the unification of perception through one relationship. Miracle Jnana Yoga achieves the unification of perception by seeking one truth.

          The five methods of Miracle Yoga lead to five places. In the practice of meditation used in Miracle Raja Yoga, you use one thought to bring stillness to the mind. “And turn you to the stately calm within, where in holy stillness dwells the living God you never left, and Who never left you.”[2] Meditation is a process of moving the mind from many distracting thoughts to one thought. The objective is to unify the mind. “One thought, completely unified, will serve to unify all thought.”[3] In meditation moving the mind in the direction of unification based on one thought leads to the “circle of your peace.” This place has many other names: “inner altar,” “changeless dwelling place,” and “holy sanctuary.”

            In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future and no past regrets. In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest can never change in any way at all. You rest today. And as you close your eyes, sink into stillness. Let these periods of rest and respite reassure your mind that all its frantic fantasies were but the dreams of fever that has passed away. Let it be still and thankfully accept its healing. No more fearful dreams will come, now that you rest in God. Take time today to slip away from dreams and into peace….

            You rest within the peace of God today, and call upon your brothers from your rest to draw them to their rest, along with you. You will be faithful to your trust today, forgetting no one, bringing everyone into the boundless circle of your peace, the holy sanctuary where you rest. Open the temple doors and let them come from far across the world, and near as well; your distant brothers and your closest friends; bid them all enter here and rest with you.[4]

          Miracle Bhakti Yoga emphasizes love. The focus on this one emotion of love unifies the mind because love itself is unifying, described in this way: “…the attraction of love for love remains irresistible. For it is the function of love to unite all things unto itself, and to hold all things together by extending its wholeness.”[5] Focusing on love brings you to the “real world,” which is also called the “circle of brightness” and the “happy dream,” and which consists of only loving perceptions.

            This world of light, this circle of brightness is the real world, where guilt meets with forgiveness. Here the world outside is seen anew, without the shadow of guilt upon it. Here are you forgiven, for here you have forgiven everyone. Here is the new perception, where everything is bright and shining with innocence, washed in the waters of forgiveness, and cleansed of every evil thought you laid upon it. Here there is no attack upon the Son of God, and you are welcome. Here is your innocence, waiting to clothe you and protect you, and make you ready for the final step in the journey inward. Here are the dark and heavy garments of guilt laid by, and gently replaced by purity and love.

           Yet even forgiveness is not the end. Forgiveness does make lovely, but it does not create. It is the source of healing, but it is the messenger of love and not its Source. Here you are led, that God Himself can take the final step unhindered, for here does nothing interfere with love, letting it be itself. A step beyond this holy place of forgiveness, a step still further inward but the one you cannot take, transports you to something completely different. Here is the Source of light; nothing perceived, forgiven nor transformed. But merely known.[6]

          Miracle Karma Yoga involves taking selfless action and expressing your function. Applying the one function of following God’s Will and God’s Plan leads to the “Circle of Atonement.” Your special function is always a form of forgiving others, which enables you to forgive yourself.

            Everyone has a special part to play in the Atonement, but the message given to each one is always the same; God’s Son is guiltless. Each one teaches the message differently, and learns it differently. Yet until he teaches it and learns it, he will suffer the pain of dim awareness that his true function remains unfulfilled in him. The burden of guilt is heavy, but God would not have you bound by it. His plan for your awaking is as perfect as yours is fallible. You know not what you do, but He Who knows is with you. His gentleness is yours, and all the love you share with God He holds in trust for you. He would teach you nothing except how to be happy….

           Each one you see you place within the holy circle of Atonement or leave outside, judging him fit for crucifixion or for redemption. If you bring him into the circle of purity, you will rest there with him. If you leave him without, you join him there. Judge not except in quietness which is not of you. Refuse to accept anyone as without the blessing of Atonement, and bring him into it by blessing him. Holiness must be shared, for therein lies everything that makes it holy. Come gladly to the holy circle, and look out in peace on all who think they are outside. Cast no one out, for here is what he seeks along with you. Come, let us join him in the holy place of peace which is for all of us, united as one within the Cause of peace.[7]

          Miracle Relationship Yoga is focused on holy relationships based on partners having a common purpose and seeing holiness in everyone. Maintaining a relationship of holiness allows you to see the “face of Christ,” which is the “vision of the Son of God.” In the holy relationship, you have the opportunity to see the light behind your brother’s body and see his guiltlessness. Looking past your brother’s mask, you can even perceive the face of Christ. “The face of Christ is looked upon before the Father is remembered.”[8] The face of Christ reminds you of your true relationship with God and with all your brothers and sisters in Christ.

            You have a real relationship, and it has meaning. It is as like your real relationship with God as equal things are like unto each other. Idolatry is past and meaningless. Perhaps you fear your brother a little yet; perhaps a shadow of the fear of God remains with you. Yet what is that to those who have been given one true relationship beyond the body? Can they be long held back from looking on the face of Christ? And can they long withhold the memory of their relationship with their Father from themselves, and keep remembrance of His Love apart from their awareness?[9]

Miracle Jnana Yoga is concerned with finding truth and gaining understanding. This seeking of one truth leads you to the “borderland” where all false perceptions are replaced by true perceptions. Here you choose between illusions and truth by bringing them together and seeing that illusions are meaningless and so can be easily released.

            There is a borderland of thought that stands between this world and Heaven. It is not a [physical] place, and when you reach it is apart from time. Here is the meeting place where thoughts are brought together; where conflicting values meet and all illusions are laid down beside the truth, where they are judged to be untrue. This borderland is just beyond the gate of Heaven. Here is every thought made pure and wholly simple. Here is sin denied, and everything that is received instead.

This is the journey’s end. We have referred to it as the real world. And yet there is a contradiction here, in that the words imply a limited reality, a partial truth, a segment of the universe made true. This is because knowledge makes no attack upon perception. They are brought together, and only one continues past the gate where oneness is. Salvation is a borderland where place and time and choice have meaning still, and yet it can be seen that they are temporary, out of place, and every choice has been already made.

Nothing the Son of God believes can be destroyed. But what is truth to him must be brought to the last comparison that he will ever make; the last evaluation that will be possible, the final judgment upon this world. It is the judgment of the truth upon illusion, of knowledge on perception: “It has no meaning, and does not exist.” This is not your decision. It is but a simple statement of a simple fact. But in this world there are no simple facts, because what is the same and what is different remain unclear. The one essential thing to make a choice at all is this distinction. And herein lies the difference between the worlds. In this one, choice is made impossible. In the real world is choosing simplified. [10]

There may be some uncertainty in your mind about whether you will ever manage to let go of all illusions and accept your place in Heaven. But the Course maintains that there is no uncertainty in God, and so, you can trust in His Will being accomplished. “Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient: God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you from it, or it from you.”[11]Your going Home is only a matter of time, and time itself is just another illusion.


**References are from 2nd Edition of A Course in Miracles, published by Foundation for Inner Peace
To locate these References in A Course in Miracles – Original Edition please do a phrase search on-line

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*Donald James Giacobbe was the director of the Aquarian Age Yoga Center in Virginia Beach, VA. He provided yoga teacher training certification courses and led meditation workshops and retreats. Don has attempted in his teaching of meditation to strip away the rituals of Zen Buddhism and yoga practices and transpose only the bare essence into a Christian context. Don encourages the doing of God’s Will, being receptive to the Holy Spirit, and finding Christ within the temple of one’s own heart. While respecting all Christian spiritual expressions, he became a monk by making his vow directly to God, without the stamp of approval from any religious organization. In 1988 Don became a student of A Course in Miracles, and his practice and teaching subsequently changed from “Christian Yoga” to “Miracle Yoga” This form of spirituality is a synthesis of yoga and the philosophy of A Course in Miracles, encouraging the seeker to see with “forgiving eyes” and perceive Christ in everyone. Don’s goal is to maintain a balance between opening to divine love inwardly and allowing that love to be extended outwardly to others.

You can find a more complete description of the five aspects of Miracle Yoga at

** All quotes in the article and references (with pages noted) are from the “second edition” of the Course published by Foundation for Inner Peace.


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