Special Relationship and Holy Instant ~ Daniel Tipton

Dare to Be Happy

By Daniel Tipton*


[as it appeared in the  August 2011 Newsletter]

We have been reading about the holy instant, special relationships, and holy relationships in the past few CMC Ministerial classes. I have been searching for the meaning of romantic relationships and these last few chapters have been very intriguing. This is what I have put together from recent studies.

The special relationship seems to be any relationship outside of the awareness of God’s truth. It is a relationship based on fear and breeds offspring such as guilt and expectations.

In a holy relationship, both remember their divine purpose and are in complete understanding of each other. However, we have a tendency to lean toward special relationships because we feel incomplete and assume that something in another person is what is missing in us. Taking something from somebody else to make ourselves complete is the foundation of the special relationship. When this approach is taken, failure is always experienced. When failures occur, attack ensues.

How do we get out of this cycle? We use the holy instant to bring the relationship back to truth and awareness of God. If we are aware of God’s presence in anything, conflict disappears because, in that instant, we forgive what never happened. When we bring God’s light to any situation, the conflict completely loses any meaning that we gave it. In that moment, we experience a holy relationship. As it is our calling to be aware of the divine in every moment, it is also our calling to maintain this awareness in every relationship. The same principles that Jesus teaches us to use in our individual practice, He is teaching us to use in relationships. When we remain in the moment with God, we experience peace. When two remain in the moment with God, they experience peace in the holy relationship. The holy instant is now and it is the same now that all of the great spiritual teachers of all the ages have told us to remain in, in order to experience our divinity.

The special relationship can be distracting. It delights the senses and makes us feel alive. This feeling of being alive can easily be confused with experiencing God. As with any sense-delight, its efficacy wears off over time. When the illusions lose their luster, we are left with the choice to seek out more specialness or seek true happiness. This is where many relationships hit cross-roads and where distraction turns to attention. This is the part where we realize we will have to start giving and not taking. This is where we can instill God’s purpose or start over on another special path.

All in all, relationships are powerful in that they can be highly karmic and distracting but on the other hand, highly beneficial to our evolution if based on God’s purpose. It is our choice. Jesus spends much time in the text on this topic. I think that it is an important point because we invest so much into relationships, yet rarely question their purpose and meaning. I, personally, can no longer afford so much time for something that does not have a higher, soul-evolving purpose. I spent many years lost in somebody else, only to realize that I was only looking for myself. I now know that it must be God in me who seeks God in another. I am not delusional though. I realize that specialness will be unavoidable at times. But if I find somebody whose sights are set on me and the holy instant, I would be happy to partake.


Daniel Tipton

*Daniel Tipton resides in Omaha, NE and is a member of  the Course in Miracles Society study group. He is enrolled in the ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center and attended the 2011 Annual ACIM Conference in San Francisco.

Donna Marie Cary ~ Music

Music of
Donna Marie Cary


[as it appeared in the  August 2011 Newsletter]

“Throughout the years of studying A Course In Miracles, I have come to more honesty about looking at the unhealed places in my mind. I continue with the process of learning how to forgive myself and others from past beliefs that block the awareness of the Truth; the Truth that we are all the sinless Children of God. The world seems to be in greater distress than ever before. I hope the message of Real Love, which is offered through my songs,
brings comfort to tired hearts and peace to fearful minds.”
~ Donna Marie Cary[Presenter at 2013 ACIM CONFERENCE]


PREVIEW Songs [Folk Genre]

In this ALBUM, Donna Marie Cary sings one of her songs acapella which means, as you may know, ‘without instrumental accompaniment’. It’s called, “Echoes of Silence” and it’s incredibly exquisite. Here is a short clip of that song.



The No Solid Ground

PREVIEW Songs [Folk Genre]

The No Solid Ground album has one song after another of soulful expression of angnst and courage and resolution resulting in a very moving montage. “There is no Solid Ground but the one my hearts stands on…”; “Everything is really ok, it’s just changin’ again….”; “Hands of love will pick me up out of the deep dark night”; One song that always brings tears to many eyes is “I’m Ready”. The following is a short clip of that song.

♪ ♫ I’M READY [clip] ♪ ♫


Eye of the Hurricane

PREVIEW Songs [Rock Genre]

The No Solid Ground album has one song after another of soulful expression of angst and courage and resolution resulting in a very moving montage. “There is no Solid Ground but the one my hearts stands on…”; “Everything is really ok, it’s just changin’ again….”; “Hands of love will pick me up out of the deep dark night”; One song that always brings tears to many eyes is “I’m Ready”. The following is a short clip of that song.

♪ ♫ OUR FATHER [clip] ♪ ♫


*EXCERPT: “Not only is Donna Marie Cary a singer/songwriter, but also a minister, teacher and messenger of love. Her inspirational music and lyrics have uplifted and deeply moved thousands at retreats, churches, prisons and schools for over twenty years. Her innate gift of bringing people together in love, peace and forgiveness, through her dynamic voice and presence, is truly an unforgettable and most joyful experience.”


Gaff ~ Thoughts of a Fisherman


GAFF and the Panacea
Thoughts of an Old Fisherman
Lorena R. Peter, Ph.D.*

[as it appeared in the  August 2011 Newsletter]

Gaff could hear Wally as he stepped from the walkway onto the beach. “Those damned Jehovah’s Witnesses are at it again. Stopped me while I was jogging this morning. Giving me their pitch. Maybe I should wear some kind of symbol to let them know I’m a minister with a congregation. Don’t need them to tell me what to believe.”

“You could wear a collar on your tee shirt.” Gaff was laughing.

He could tell that Wally wasn’t amused as he plopped onto the cooler. “Then they’d think I was one of those Roman Catholic mackerel-snappers.”

Gaff checked the tip of his rod to see if he’d a fish on the line yet… nope. “You’re mighty ‘het’ up this afternoon, Wally. Maybe you’d better cool down … give your blood pressure a rest.”

Wally wiped sweat off his face. “Where do they get off saying that only 144,000 will be saved?”

“I think I read that somewhere in the Bible, maybe Revelations. But I don’t believe they’re the only ones saved. You know the translators didn’t understand all the symbolism in the numbers… that phrase may have a different meaning altogether.” The old fisherman ended his sentence by pushing himself out of the chair. He walked to check his rods.

“In the Bible, you say?” Then Wally mumbled, “Have to look that up when I get back home.” He got up to follow his friend to stand at the rod holders pushed into the sand.

Gaff took the first from its holder. “Even if it is there, is that the important thing? I mean, after all these centuries, is that the only thing that people think was important in Yeshua’s life?”

Wally spit out his answer, on the attack. “Jesus died to save our souls from sin.”

Gaff reeled in the first hook to find it empty. “Can’t catch fish without bait to get them to bite the hook.” The second hook had a small bit of fish on it that he removed to throw into the waves. “For you, Wally, the bait is the possibility to save your soul by accepting Jesus as your Savior. But other people see his passion and pain as modeling the way they should live this life… to pay their way into heaven with the suffering.”

Wally sputtered, “But, but…”

“Wally, we’re all different. I read about the good things that man did for others and the way he treated everybody the same and that’s what’s important to me. He showed me how important every single person is… every one of us.” Gaff pulled a fish from the cooler and cut pieces from it to use as bait.

Wally jammed his fists into his waist. “Of course he did good works to show that he was the Son of God. Proof of pedigree, you might say.”

Gaff cast the first hook into the deep water beyond the sandbar, set the hook, and returned the rod to its holder. “So you fight the Catholics and the Jehovah’s Witnesses and lots of others to see who’s right. You fight to see how many people you can get to come to your side in the argument.”

Wally stomped around in the sand, hands on hips, blood coloring his neck red on its way to his face. “I want to help people understand…”

Gaff cast the second hook into the water and set the rod into the holder. Then he turned to look his friend in the eye, “To understand your interpretation? Or to understand the Way of Love… His commandments to love everybody? I’ll bet you sometimes bash other religions from the pulpit, too. Not just here on the beach with me.”

Wally stopped moving to glare at Gaff, anger-meter nearing a dangerous level. “I talk about their shortcomings sometimes… And at Easter, it’s easy to see that the Jews killed Our Savior.” He jerked his chin to one side to underscore his point.

Gaff glanced at the tip of his rod once more before heading back to his chair. “Seems to me that Jesus’ ministry was all about how to create a heaven on earth by living in love all the time. Said it again and again.”

Wally lowered himself to sit on the cooler. “Unh, huh. I see that. I’ve studied the Bible.”

Gaff sat in his chair and dug his feet into the sand. “What would you say, Wally, if a man got cancer and went to the doctor. The doctor told him there was a cure and  then explained in detail how to do it. What if he told his patient how to change his diet and get more exercise and get rid of the stress in his life. Told the man to calm down and be more loving to his wife and children … to everybody he met. Told him these changes in his life would keep him healthy.”

Wally dug his hands in the sand, waiting. “They’d cure him? I’d say the man was lucky there was a cure. I think he should go right out and do some of these things.”

“What’d you say if the doctor gave the man written instructions about how to do this, how to live his life to cure his cancer? Instructions on how to be happy and healthy.”

Wally looked at the fisherman, confusion lining his brow. “That’d be great, I’d say. Filled with hope, I’d say.” He let sand trickle from one hand to the other.

Gaff smiled and looked to the ocean. “Days passed and the man didn’t make any changes in his life and he got sicker and sicker. But everyday he would take out that paper and read how there was a cure for his disease. And when he read it he would be happy just knowing about the cure. Hopeful, as you said.”

Wally dumped the sand back on the beach and wiped his hands on his shorts. “Man’s stupid. Has the cure right there, but doesn’t do anything about it. Just let’s himself get worse? Stupid.” He shook his head in disgust.

Gaff looked at the sky and then toward Mother Water. “You just said that Jesus told us how to create heaven on earth all those many years ago and yet you condemn other religions because they differ from yours. Is that curing the hate that’s fueled persecution and wars for centuries? He gave you example after example of how to include and love your fellow humans and yet you point to his story in the Bible while you encourage separation… exclusion. You tell everyone that your way is the right way, the only way.”

Wally shot to his feet. “Are you blaming me for all the hate in the world?”

Gaff shook his head slowly, “No, but the change has to start somewhere. Might as well be with us. ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Doesn’t say you have to agree with everything he says… only respect his right to an opinion.”

Wally sputtered, “Well… well.”

Gaff smiled at his friend. “It’s not good enough to read about the cure, we have to live it… to kill the cancer before it kills us… before it kills our planet. You’re wasting time fighting over the meaning of specific phrases when you can see the important part of the message. Why not live that?”

Wally jumped off the cooler and stormed down to the waves’ edge. He stomped his feet, splashing as he went. He kicked the waves and stooped down to pick something up… a shell maybe. He threw that something far out into the water. Gaff could see red in Wally’s face that wasn’t the gift of the sun. He shook his head in dismay.

Gaff watched and whispered, “Have I gone too far, Mother Water? I just wanted for him to finally see … and maybe even to make some changes in his life. He has a big congregation. Be good to get them on the boat, wouldn’t it?”

Suddenly, Wally marched up to Gaff, standing over him, angry. “I’m going to look up that reference to 144,000. Then I might write a sermon about ‘love thy neighbor.’ Might be good to remind my congregation about that part of the message.” He abruptly walked toward the walkway, determination pushing him along.

Gaff yelled after him, “You might give Father Reilly a hug the next time you see him, too. Call him ‘brother’ maybe.”

(The simile used in this article is from W. Alexander Wheeler © 1994.)


*Lorena Peter, Ph.D., writes entertaining mysteries, romances and wisdom books.
All have strong spiritual underpinnings and paranormal elements. She blends aGaff By the Sea medical intuition and healing practice (and travel) with her writing. For more information go to WWW.LORENAPETER.COM. You may contact her on Facebook. For her understanding of the Course, she thanks Carmen Cameron and the class in Louisville, KY.


Poetry ~ Helen Schucman


The Comforter
By Helen Schucman*

[as it appeared in the  August 2011 Newsletter] 

Step back, My child, and let Him lead the way
Whom I have sent to you. He holds your hand
And speaks to you of Me. His memory
Holds in your mind My Name. His peace surrounds
My child with all the love a Father feels
For what He cherishes above all else
In earth and Heaven. Whom I sent to you
Has shared My Heart and brings My Word with Him
To solace and to comfort all the world
That has forgot My Name. Homeless are they
Who would abide alone, apart from Me.
Yet would I call them home. My Voice I send
To sing in soundless places. Hear from Me
The song a Father sings to you, His child;
A melody from far beyond he world,
Step back and listen, for He comes to bless
And tell you that you are not comfortless
.The summer’s stillness of arresting heat;

– by Helen Schucman


*Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, was also a poet who took
down several poems even while she was scribing A Course in Miracles. This poem “The Comforter” was dated January 1, 1974 and is located among many of her other poems in a book titled, “The Gifts of God” published by the Foundation for Inner Peace [FIP]. The book is available through FIP and also through the Community Miracle Center CMC.


The Real Secret ~ Ahyh and Libby Maxey

The Real Secret

by Ahyh & Libby Maxey*

[As it appears in the August 2011 Newsletter] 


Lesson 183 is “I call upon God’s Name and on my own,” yet God’s actual Name is never mentioned in the lesson!

Lesson 184 is equally as significant, and cryptic: “The Name of God is my inheritance.” Here again, God’s Name is not mentioned.

Dr. Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles may not have known God’s Name, but Jesus the Christ, the voice who spoke to Helen, certainly did! Indeed, for the entire Judeo-Christian tradition there is one and only one Personal Name for Divinity found in the Bible. Still, the purpose for A Course in Miracles required that it be as non-sectarian and widely-appealing as possible.

As you can well imagine, there is a lot that could be said about this essential topic. A lot. Cutting straight to the chase, we will give you what you absolutely must know. When all is revealed, the great secret of the ages is this:


For beings like us, “Sue” or “Libby” or “Frank” will suffice as names. Our names re-present us, embodying all that we are in letters, word and sound.

For God, simple letters and words would never do – God’s Name needs to be a quantum leap above and beyond human language and our simple ideas about names. Amazingly, the Bible has held this secret for thousands of years!


The Bible reveals that there is only one Personal Name for Divinity. Known as the Tetragrammaton, (meaning “the four-letter Name”) this Name appears in the Bible over 6,000 times. In Hebrew, this Name (spelled right-to-left) is

Transliterated into English, these four letters are (left-to-right)


As a student of spirituality, you have probably seen this Name shown many ways: YHVH, JHWH, JHVH, Yahweh, Yahveh and others. Even “Jehovah” is based on the original Hebrew Tetragrammaton.

Here is the wonder and the mystery.

God’s Personal Name, the Tetragrammaton, indicates God’s REAL Name. God did not spell His/Her REAL Name left-right, nor right-left, but top-bottom. Simply take the four Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, and spell it vertically:

That’s you! God’s personal Name, , spelled vertically is a pictogram of a human being: head, arms, torso and legs, indicating God’s REAL Name:



Now we can see the depths of revelation “hidden” in the Course’s Lessons 183 & 184: “To call upon His Name is but to call upon your own.” That’s because you ARE God’s Name.  You re-present God to the world. All of Divinity’s glory is embodied in you!

“Your Father’s Name reminds you who you are, even within a world that does not know; even though you have not remembered it.” YHWH reminds us of our true nature, made in God’s image, the perfect reflection of Divinity. And you, as an ascended being, reflect God to everyone around you.

“In this eternal, still relationship, in which communication far transcends all words and yet exceeds in depth and height whatever words could possibly convey, is peace eternal. In our Father’s Name, we would experience this peace today. And in His Name it shall be given us.”

It is so! It always has been, and could never be otherwise. The Name waits patiently for you to discover the truth of your own identity.

We highly recommend that you return to Lessons 183 & 184 with this new understanding of God’s Name. Knowing God’s Name (and your own!) will unlock greater and deeper insight and revelation.


Maybe this is a review for you, or perhaps your head is spinning. Please relax, and know these three essential things:

1) We are NOT making this up. We neither invented nor discovered this “secret” knowledge. Amazingly, this has been on nearly every page of the Old Testament since well before Jesus came to the Earth.

2) There is a lot of material that is meant to help you really get your mind and heart around this Name. We host http://www.yhwh.com, and have written a new book that explains all essential aspects of spirituality from the perspective of God’s Holy Name. The book is called The Future Testament. You can explore it at http://www.TheFutureTestament.com.

3) We are real people. This ministry is our full-time job. We are here to help you, if we can. Please feel free to email us at Libby@Yhwh.com.

May love and peace continue to grow, as you recognize God’s Name as your essential self.

Love, Ahyh andLibby Maxey.


*The leadership of The Church of Yahweh (“TCOY”) consists of a small group of people in Tennessee and Southern California. We all have day jobs, families, hobbies, and affiliations with other Churches; one sometimes plays the organ at a Lutheran Church, one teaches Bible Studies at a Methodist Church, and so on.We have come together for One Primary Purpose: To remove the obscurity & ignorance surrounding God’s Divine, Holy Name, and see how that Name can be used as a precious gift to help transform our lives. The Church of Yahweh is a non-denominational (which, in today’s world, means that TCOY is its own denomination) outreach. Occasionally we have local meetings, but our primary tool is the World Wide Web. http://www.yhwh.com
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