Interview with Martin Weber-Caspers


Composer in Flevoland
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Martin Weber-Caspers is the VOICE and MUSIC of A Course in Miracles DAILY LESSONS. ♥



SonShip.Radio“offers tri-lingual services to students and readers of The Course since 1999. Our inspired and free sharings are not interpretive, as we respect the direct Teacher-student relationship which makes intermediary interpretations optional. However, we regularly do perform interviews with interpretators in order to share some of the diversity of angles and experiences among students.

 Lessons & Text, GERMAN Translation:

Testimonials for SonShip.Radio


“I attempt to practice everything I can that will further my progress – and I find your work to be most enlightening in that respect….Your music is so wonderful – I listen to it and can begin to feel the centering that is so necessary. It is marvelous!” –  Donna C. Williams “My God… this is so wonderful.  Thank you for being such a beautiful channel.” – Melinda Elliott, New Life Learning Center 

“I like it very, very much and have listened to it a lot of times! I’d surely like to hear you LIVE.”  Malene Langborg, Lolland (Denmark) 

“AWESOMELY WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you, dear Martin…. What a wonderful contribution of love to the world. Love, IS!!!” – Dennis Krum

“Your are a Prince among the men” – Byron Katie, Manhattan Beach

“I truly was in awe of your beauty of your work. I was caught up in the spirit of your song and your voice. You are a channel for love, through your music and broadcasts and it really is a blessing to hear it.”  Sandy Hames, USA 

“Oh the music is heavenly…I would really like to get more of the instrumentals, although all of the music is wonderful.  Thank you for fixing the links to the songs.  They are all so good!!! Big Hugs and tons of love for all your  efforts and wonderful talent” –  Donna, North Carolina 

“Your music is truly from the heart. Thanks again for sharing your music with everyone!  Such a blessing You are!!! Love and Peace forever.” –  David Hoffmeister, Foundation for the Awakening Mind, Cincinnatti OH 

“Thanks again. It is definitely truly good and very enjoyable! I wish you all the luck in the world with this music!”  Eric Van Den Brink, Brinkermedia (Netherlands) 

“Hi maz, I have listened to the music many times. It is absolutely beautiful. What a talent you are. Merry Christmas from New Orleans” – Larry Kirby, New Orleans 

“Truly a Masterpiece!!!! Proficiat bro! Keep up the ‘flow’!” – Tonny Steenhagen, Cornwall, UK 

“I was really drawn in by the music Thank you for sharing your gift, another little light that brightens up my day, Spirit  reminds me in so many different ways how truly blessed I am 🙂 Always in Love” –  Bonnie Munn 

“We know Martin as an intuitive and highly sensitive musician, connected with the flow of inspiration coming from the Creative Universe. He is able to transcribe this Energy into sound and music, suitable for a variety of benevolent purposes. His music is grounded in the natural cycles, and enables the listener to experience the ‘breathing-in-all’, a 3D listening experience on the level of the Soul.” 


Guido Maria Hoogenboom, Innovator*

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