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In Loving Remembrance

by Rev Tony Ponticello
Rev. Larry Bedini made his transition on Monday May 10, 2010 in his home at about 9:30 p.m. He had spent the day surrounded by loving friends
who were his extended family.
Rev. Larry is especially known for his prominent presence at three large international ACIM conferences held in San Francisco (2000, 2007 & 2009). He is also known for being the voice of  a distinctive recording of the A Course In Miracles Original Edition. Locally he is known for hosted holiday parties in his home that was so elaborately decorated that it defies description here.Rev. Larry has lived for years with his partner Tom Elliott. (pictured below) Tom is to be commended for his truly heroic and dedicated care for Rev. Larry during these last seven months of his body’s illness. It is an inspiration to all of us as to what is possible
when there is true love and devotion.Myself (Rev. Tony) will always remember a 27 year relationship with a dedicated partner and outstanding friend. We were both Italians and related to each as Italians will. We teased each other a lot and we sometimes fought, but we never felt once, in those 27 years,
that we didn’t deeply love each other.

So I give my partner a kiss good-bye. I will not say that I will miss him because life is full and I try not to miss people. I WILL say that I will always think of him very, very, fondly in my heart and mind. “Good-bye” to Rev. Larry’s body.
“Hello” to his eternal spirit.

I told him recently I knew that he would soon be helping us
from the other side.

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Course in Miracles Society
We offer this poem from Helen Schucman
[scribe of A Course in Miracles]
in Loving Remembrance
of Larry Bedini
I did not die. In rising up I did
But stay the same. Eternity had come
To claim its own from the embrace of time
And bitter kiss of death. I but came home
After a journey so diminutive
That Heaven never noticed it began
Nor ended. Unencumbered, changelessly,
The Christ united with the Son of man,
And what belonged to God returned to Him.
Think not the Holy Spirit waits for death
To offer you the gifts God gave to Him,
Or Heaven rests upon a failing breath.
I did not die. Appearance of hate
Enveloped Me. Illusions veiled My eyes
And stopped My heart. Earth’s dream closed over Me,
And that was all. The Son of God must rise
Above all dreams of fear. Would God allow
The Son who is like Him to separate
From life that is Himself? His Comforter
Came down to lift Me up with His great
And silent wings. The peace of God unbound
My hands and feet. For who can stop the Heart
of God Himself, or veil the eyes that watch
His Son in mercy, or make Him depart
From what is but Himself?
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Sheryl Valentine


Let Peace be Your Umpire
By Sheryl Valentine*
[as it appeared in the May 2010 Newsletter]


Several years ago I came across this passage in the Bible and it really spoke to me: 

Let the peace of God rule your heart,
acting as an umpire;
deciding and settling with finality
all questions that arise in your mind.
(Collisions 3:15 Amplified Bible)

                I love the idea of thinking of peace as an umpire.  What does an umpire do?  An umpire at a sporting event decides and settles with finality any question that arises in the game.  An umpire decides if a player is in or out of the game.  Basically, the umpire rules.

            It works the same with peace of mind.  Whenever I have a question about what to do in a situation, the absence or presence of peace supplies the answer.  Peace comes from a mind aligned with God, who is the author of peace.

            Most of us have had the experience of feeling the absence of peace about something, and then going ahead and doing it anyway.  Afterward we thought something along the lines of:  I knew I shouldn’t have done that, said that, gone there, or whatever. 

            When I think back on some of these times, I now realize that I was being guided but just didn’t know it.  Of course, back then the word “peace” was not even in my vocabulary!  Nevertheless, we’ve all had those gut feelings about things and learned to trust them.  Anxiety or ill feelings in the gut are physical symptoms of the absence of peace.

            Spirit guides and leads us with peace, and so it behooves each one of us to learn to be aware of the absence or presence of peace within our mind.  NTI, The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament says this about it:

Peace is the guiding light that you must follow
as you learn to look within the mind.
For it is peace that leads you to recognition of truth,
and it is lack of peace that reminds you
that you are not following your way.

(NTI: 1 Thessalonians, 2:7-9)

            I had an experience that at first glance seems like a silly example, but it has proved to be very instructive as to how we’re led by peace. 

            One night I was traveling to my office to give a talk on the Course and it was pouring down rain, consequently there was loads of traffic.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but southern Californians cannot drive in the rain! Ha!  I began to feel somewhat agitated because I was concerned about being late.  I didn’t want to arrive to the meeting feeling that way because I’ve learned over the years that I cannot let Spirit come through me in a powerful way if I am irritated or angry.  And so I gave the situation to Holy Spirit and felt an immediate sense of peace.  A moment later I heard, “Take the 2”.  The “2” is an offshoot of the freeway I was on.  I had never taken that freeway to my office and wasn’t sure how to get there that way, nevertheless, being just moments away from the exit, I took the 2.  To my surprise there wasn’t any traffic and I was able to get to my office in plenty of time.

            I learned a great lesson from the experience: I was feeling anxious; I stopped in the moment and chose peace, and from this state of peace I heard guidance, I acted on the guidance, and consequently, I was led in a new direction.

            We must come to understand that worry and fear cannot lead us in new directions.  So what to do?  Again, I defer to NTI:  


“Lack of peace in any measure is an opportunity to be healed.
To look at the intrusion and to focus on it as a failure
is to continue to hold onto error. 
Do not judge your own lack of peace.
Rejoice that the Holy Spirit has brought you
to another moment of healing.
Let Me change your mind about what you experience,
so you may use your experience to heal without delay

(NTI: 1 Thessalonians 3:1-5)

            So often, especially as people who want to grow in Love, we beat up on ourselves when we feel angry, guilty, and judgmental, etc.  But here we are told that lack of peace is simply an opportunity to choose again.

            The reason we aren’t healed overnight is because we are mesmerized by this world of form.  For most of us, it takes many years to get to the point where we recognize a lack of peace for what it is, and then more time to grow into the desire to let Holy Spirit change our mind.  As we are told in A Course in Miracles, the first obstacle to the flow of peace is the desire to get rid of it. 

            We can be an effective force for healing in this world when we let peace guide and lead our lives.  Fear, worry and anxiety cannot lead us in new directions as these emotions only serve to keep the future continuous with the past.  All healing occurs in the present.  In the present we have the opportunity to choose peace.

            See, when our mind is filled with thoughts of worry, anxiety and fear, we are unavailable to hear Spirit’s guidance, and thus we cannot be led in new directions.  So often when going through difficult times, we let them be distractions to peace, and in fact, excuses to not even choose it. 

            “How can you expect me to be peaceful when I’m going through this!”

            It is not the world that disrupts our peace; it’s a fearful interpretation of the world that disrupts our peace. A Course in Miracles says this:

How is peace possible in this world? 
It seems impossible here! The world is but a fact.
You cannot choose what this would be.
But you can choose how you would see it.
Indeed, you must choose this. 
God’s word assures you that He loves the world;
it is your judgment that says it is unlovable.  Who is right?

In your judgment peace is not possible,
but the reflection of God’s love through you,
makes peace possible here. 
It is not the world that makes peace seem impossible,
it is the world you see that is impossible. 
Peace is impossible to those who look on war. 
Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace. 
A Thought of God can turn hell to Heaven merely by being what it is. 
The question is no longer, “Can peace be possible in this world?”
But instead, “Is it not impossible that peace be absent here

(ACIM. M-11. paraphrased)

            I believe with every fiber of my being that we live in a benevolent universe governed by a benevolent God.  And yes, you may watch the news and wonder how this could be so.  I am not privy to the big picture; there is much going on that I do not understand, nevertheless, I trust God, and in that trust I find that peace is here and now. 

            Trust in God has caused me to feel comfortable with not knowing what the future holds because placing my future in the hands of God now, facilitates peace now. Peace of mind helps me to let go of my plan for my life and be willing to be led into God’s plan.


Today, Let Peace be your Umpire



Dr. Valentine has studied in the field of spirituality for many years and has been lecturing regularly on spiritual principles since 1993. You will find her book entitled, “Oh My God It’s Me” on our favorite books list.

‘Requiem’ ~ Helen’s Poem ~ A Gift Today to Our Mothers Who Have Passed


You came but for a while. When Jesus called
You were content to go. For who would stay
to watch the dreary cycle of the nights
Turn coldly gray with each return of day?

This world was not your home. Would God allow
His child to wander long without a home
Which He Himself makes bright? Your tired eyes
Closed gratefully when He at last said, “Come.”

You have forgot all this. All thoughts that hurt,
All sorrow, all regret, have ceased to be
In your remembrance. He Who called to you
Has loosened all your chains and set you free.

Because I love you I would have you go.
Because I love Him I can scarcely weep.
Because He loves you glory goes with you,
And in that glory you but seem to sleep.

He came in mercy. Let me give Him thanks
You stayed with us until you saw Him smile
And tell you it is finished. He will come
For me that way in just a little while.

It is for this I wait, in certainty
That He Who made the stars will not forget.
I will be glad to see Him smile at me,
Or if He choose, to wait a little yet.

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Love after Love

Swan in the Mirror

The time will come
when, with elation,
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror,
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,
and say, sit here. Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you
all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,
the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Derek Walcott

Shared by Gina Angell

Poems by J.Michaels

Helen & Bill
By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the May 2010 Newsletter]


             As my wife’s mother’s alter ego would say

This was a pair to draw to

The most unlikely duo to write

A most unusual tome of wisdom

A laser beam pointer of light

Intellectuals, scientists, and non-believers

They must have felt not quite right

About scribing this holy manuscript

That would show so many the light

The book did change them

As it has so many of us

Righted their lives and made them

Want to ride this bus

A pre-life contract of sorts

An engagement surely meant

To bring out the best in all of us

And point us Heaven bent

From The Fly in My Eye – copyright 2010 J. Michaels

*J. Michaels is a longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit. He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoun

dly influenced by ACIM, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella Treasure of the Mind. [reviewed here]  His work may be seen on his blog at



Gaff ~ Thoughts of a Fisherman

A Fisherman Comments on A Course in Miracles 
Lorena R. Peter, Ph.D.*
[as it appeared in the May 2010 Newsletter]


My name is Gaff. I spend days and many nights fishing on the beach in Kure Beach, North Carolina. It’s funny– odd funny– that no matter what time of day I get to the beach my spot is empty and ready for me to set up my stuff. It’s as though it was surrounded by a fence with a “Reserved” sign. Besides the rods and chair and cooler, I have a huge pirate flag to put beside my spot.

All up and down the beaches of Pleasure Island I’m known by that flag. It’s my symbol and attracts a lot of people to ask about it. Some I tell about the pirates that roamed this area way back when. With some, I discuss the Knights Templar, the militant monks pledged to “protect” pilgrims to the Holy Land during the time of the Crusades. What I say depends upon what the person can hear and to some extent determines what we talk about next.

The talking is the important thing. Without leaving this small piece of real estate near Mother Water, I have talked to people from all over this country and from other countries, too. We have good conversations, and interesting.

One of the most interesting I had was with a writer who spent a bit of time at the beach to finish a project. She walked a couple of times a day and sometimes stopped to visit with me. She was interesting, well-read and a thinker, and that makes for great discussions. Yep, that was Priscilla. She was articulate and had some strong beliefs about the way life should be lived. Still, she was open to other viewpoints and experiences that would enable her to grow. In fact, she was what I would call a Seeker of Truth.

She would sit on my cooler to rest after her walk. One day, without mentioning its title, she started talking about a book written by some psychologists in New York City. I guess she didn’t think I’d listen if she told me the name of the book. She underestimated me on that, but so be it. I know some people condemn books and practices without even taking the time and effort to find out what they’re all about. That’s not me. I may just be a fisherman on the beach, but I have and do read a lot. In fact, I had a different sort of life before I got to the beach, but you’ll find out about that in the book about me! Gaff—Wisdom from the Sea.

Here, I want to set Priscilla and everyone else straight about what I think about this book she was reading. Everything I do is based on the Way of Love. That’s what I’ve heard Jesus’ teaching called. What I take from this is that we are to come out of love in all situations. He says to love God first of all, but then He talks about how we should love ourselves and everyone around us. Only when we master the act of truly loving unconditionally can we help to heal the planet and the planet really needs healing right now. That’s what A Course in Miracles is all about.

I looked it up after Priscilla brought it into that conversation on the beach. It’s a powerful expression of the Way of Love. I wish she hadn’t made me work so hard to find it, but I guess she was afraid I’d attack it—and her. But then maybe that’s the way it has to be with some folks. They have to work hard to find what is there for them right out in the open: hidden in plain sight.

Since I started studying the Course, I’ve also read some attacks on the book. I could tell immediately that the writer had not read the first word of it—didn’t understand it at all. Like Priscilla, when I talk with people on the beach, I don’t feel called to mention the name. It’s enough that everything I do is based on what’s in that book. I don’t think Jesus or those psychologists would be angry that I don’t call it by title or give them a verbal footnote.

The important thing is to get more people onto the path of the Way of Love. Now, I do tell some people about it and suggest they read it, but a lot of times I just use what I know from my study. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Come visit me on the beach for a chat— and to live the Course.

*Lorena Peter, Ph.D., writes entertaining mysteries, romances and wisdom books. All have strong spiritual underpinnings and paranormal elements. She blends a medical intuition and healing practice (and travel) with her writing. For more information go to WWW.LORENAPETER.COM. There you will see photographs of locations discussed in Gaff as well as a chapter for your perusal. You may contact her on Facebook. For her understanding of the Course, she thanks Carmen Cameron and the class in Louisville, KY.


Scribing by Sun~Rose


Jesus Expanding The Miracle Principles
Given In His Course In Miracles
original edition

as received and transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the May 2010 Newsletter]


May 21, 2006

18. A miracle is a service.
Let’s remember what Mary Baker Eddy says the Talmud says on this.  The best way to meet a need is to teach someone – from your Guidance – how to transform that need into a constant supply.  He or she does not understand God if they believe that constant experiences of needs being met is the completeness of Fullness, Wholeness.  It is only an opportunity to stay in the dream without being uncomfortable.
While I Love You too much to ignore your pleas, the Real Gift I’m giving You is the One of Completeness.  Remember, You have All that You need for Infinity/Eternity right in this very moment – as You will for Infinite Holy Moments – the Infinite Holy Moments that make up Eternity.
This is indeed the meaning of the redundant word- the seemingly redundant word incorrectly translated in “Give us this day our daily bread.”  As it presently stands the meaning felt is that one must beg to have daily the little that sustains, while the True Meaning here could not be further from that.  The Lord’s Prayer – as you call it – is not a prayer of asking, but rather a prayer of the assured mind.  Assured of what?  That consciousness is One with God – Mind of All.
There is no begging in this Holy Prayer, which states God’s Presence and Power right here and now – in what can be called the human dream.  Our Father which art Consciousness Itself – Holiness Itself.


(1972 manuscript as given to Hugh Lynn Cayce
by Helen Schucman and William Thetford)


Chapter 1

I. Principles of Miracles



This is tantamount to My saying “-God is, and then We cease to speak.”  It is an acknowledgement of the Here and Now Presence of God, which is the Kingdom – the Kingdom of Heaven – ever yours.  Remember I said: “Fear not little flock.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)  That Gift is already made; has eternally been yours.  You have just forgotten It, and I am reminding You of this Divine Fact.

So, not only is the Kingdom come; it is yours … and yours … and yours … and yours …  The Kingdom is everyone’s – and Its Fullness is not only not diminished by being shared, it is expanded … Infinitely.
What a Gift … freely Given of the Father-Mother God to All.  You are not left out.  I would say: “from the least of You to the greatest” only there are no least.  You are All the Greatest!
May 22, 2006


It is the maximal service one individual can render another. Miracles come from acknowledging another as the Christ.  This is, indeed, the greatest Gift You can give.  Any other view of your brother – your sister – simply perpetuates the pain they are in.  And mark what I am saying here: the entire human dream is an experience of pain; either pain remembered, pain experienced now, or pain dreaded in the future.  What is the origin of this pain?  It is the fear brought on by the insistence on separation of your thought from Love, from God – the fear of annihilation that You all call death, the petty god You have raised up to replace Love.   The institution You have set in place denying eternal Life.
You have made up other strange ideas to mitigate the terror this brought on: there is the removal of heaven to the sky with a prerequisite of death.  There is the hell You’ve buried deep within what You call the earth – a place You cheerfully condemn the others to, while reserving the ‘airborne’ for yourself.
Then there is karma, which ensures repeated dreams in which You can sin now and pay later, hoping later never comes.  The dullest of them all is still ‘death’ – the one on which they all depend which makes You nothing but a bag of bones consigned to come to ‘life’ but briefly before being sent eternally to dust.  Do these sound like just desserts for the very Presence of God Himself/Herself?
There need be no hell beneath, for You have created it right here – a hell of mind – of mindlessness.
And so You see the Gift that the acknowledgement of Christ is right where your brother stands.  He is suddenly freed from these strange bonds that strangle every soul who opts to dream as humans do.  Right here and now his freedom comes and shines with a Light that blesses You.  This is the Gift of Love so Pure that everyone is blessed.
It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. The doer recognizes his own and his neighbor’s inestimable worth simultaneously. Do You not wish to be seen as the beautiful one you know that you must be?  So does your brother.
And to have your “holiness as plain to see” as is your body?  So does your sister.
Your hopes and dreams are parallel to theirs, so why not give to them this precious Gift.  It costs You nothing, and the return on it is absolutely priceless.  The Gift comes back to You, multiplied by Infinity, for Love is a coin increasing exponentially each time You spend it.

Just that small acknowledgement that embraces You and all as well: ‘My sister is the Christ.  Right where she is is God.’ – And this in the face of whatever might be spewing from her mouth.  They would be words of Love if she could just remember Who She Is.  Your brother is the same.  All of Us are Priceless, minted straight from God, eternally.

The unseen Perfection You acknowledge for another uncovers yours to You.



to be continued….

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,



 BOTH now available on


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